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Founded by Mike Hartman, a former professional athlete, who not only overcame the odds and fought his way through many hardships, didn’t just make it to the NHL, he has been a part of championship teams at every level in his 17-year professional career. He has also worked with Team USA to help America’s athletes reach the pinnacle of their sport.

Mike is a High Performance Mindset Skills Trainer & Coach.
He is certified in Axiological Profiles, Behaviors DISC, Motivators and was certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Mike Hartman has developed a 3 step success-proven system and has applied these concepts to World-Class Athletes, 

Weekend Warriors, Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team, 

Fortune 500 Companies and Small Businesses.

  •  Mindset-On-Demand 1 Session or Session(s)   $250 per session


Book a 30 Minute Discovery Call: https://www.hartman.academy/contact