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As a coach, you are the leader of your team. Leadership is not done in just one way but instead has many aspects from which a coach can learn and utilize as they seek to improve their teams and themselves.


Through our program, we are looking to identify who you are as a coach and your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll break down everything for you and then share our Ready To Play tips, strategies, and methods to help you become a better leader and coach.

We’ll get you on the path to improving your abilities as a leader and coach in just a few steps.

1.      Purchase your Spectrum Sports Leadership Index Assessment For $197.00 or the Short Form Behavioral    Sports Coaching Index For $97.00. After you purchase your assessment please allow 1-3 business days to receive it.


2.     Allow yourself 20 to 45 minutes to fill out your assessment. It is best to do your assessment in one sitting.

3.    After you take the assessment you will receive an audio MP3 debriefing of your Spectrum Sports Leadership Index Assessment in 1 to 3 business days. If you have chosen the Short Form Behavioral Coaching Index then we will not have a debriefing or coaching session.

If you have questions please feel free to use the app for questions & answers and ongoing accountability via the Hartman Academy app or by clicking the chat tab, a round blue tab, in the right-hand corner of the Hartman.Academy website.

After you listen to your audio debriefing (Spectrum Sports Leadership Index Assessment)please book a 60 min strategy call via the contact page. For whatever question you might have you can also reach out on the Hartman Academy contact page as well. https://www.hartman.academy/contact

4.    Take the time to listen and enjoy additional resources provided on The Mike Hartman Show, which you can find and listen to on the Hartman.Academy site, Apple Podcast, Spotify, or Amazon Music

Hartman.Academy will have ongoing content added to all podcast directories. Feel free to ask questions, and look for the answers on a future podcast. To read more strategies on coaching and leadership check out our first post in the Ready To Play Series for Leaders & Coaches. RTP SERIES (1) 25 Strategies For Leaders & Coaches In Sports!

Follow through with reading articles weekly at https://www.hartman.academy/articles1/categories/ready-to-play section. The chat now about your questions or to continue seeking accountability check out the blue chat icon at the bottom of the page!


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Ready To Play Athlete $97.00

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