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Meet The Hartman.Academy Founder Mike Hartman

Mike is a mindset strategist who helps athletic minded people with their pain points and setbacks through a high performance program.

He has worked with many different people from weekend warriors, elite athletes, youth athletes and major league athletes.

Mike also takes his program to a variety of groups from fortune 500 companies and small to medium size businesses so their employees can develop the mindset of a world class athlete & champion.

Once Mike Hartman retired from hockey, he started looking around for a fulfilling career to take the place of professional sports.


That's when he realized he had a real obligation to pay forward the incredible guidance he received from mentors growing up and during his career.​  He became certified in Axiological profiles, Behaviors & Motivators (DISC), National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a High Performance coach.


Combining lessons he learned from mentors, business advisors and coaches he made the commitment to become a leader to others and help people focus on the little things and details so they can become their personal and professional best.

He is the author of " 100 Ways To Become Your Personal Best Blueprint Edition. "


The main focus was "The Little Things and Details" for athletes. Over the years it has expanded to include Professionals and Corporate America.

He also worked with the 2002 U.S. Women's Olympic Hockey Team, hundreds of athletes and major corporations around the world.

Cheryl Buckley


Registered dietitian and nutrition expert dedicated to improving both health and wellness standards within her community.

Cheryl holds multiple degrees in Nutrition, Health and Wellness (MBA from University of Rochester- Simon School of Business, MS degree in Nutrition TQM from RIT, and a BS degree in Food and Nutrition from Buffalo State College). Her philosophy is simple: No food is off limits, instead all of your favorites foods can fit into your meal plan by strategically using them to fuel you to a healthier lifestyle. Her goal is for you to feel better and live your best version of you.  Now that she lives in the Greater New York City area, Cheryl plans to use her expertise to better the wellness of her communities of which she lives.

Her record of excellence, leadership, and results within diversified settings is outstanding. Her case studies range from educational institutions of K-12, College & Universities, CPG world, Corporate Wellness, and athletic settings.

Cheryl has served over eight years at Chobani, the number-one selling Greek yogurt brand in America. She stands as one of the 70 original employees who lead the Chobani mission to make delicious, nutritious, natural and accessible Greek yogurt in the US.  The Chobani vision to provide people with better food options and expedite universal wellness is well within her grasp.

Cheryl can create a personalized nutrition program designed for your lifestyle and dietary needs.  Request your free 15 minute strategy call today and get the results you need to succeed. 

 Brian Clayton

Director Of Business Development

Brian grew up in Michigan, and now resides in Houston Texas. Brian has a Masters Degree in Sports Management, and is one of our certified performance leaders.

Brian brings over 30 years experience in program and business development, corporate sponsorships, fundraising, and community partnership development.

With this history and vast experience, Brian will help you find the best fit for your company.

Together with Mike and his team, Brian will assist your group in becoming healthier and create a long and prosperous partnership with Hartman.Academy Community.


The Hartman.Academy was created to help individuals maximize their potential through an online eLearning platform.

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