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Mike Hartman, the owner and founder of the Hartman.Academy, is a mindset and leadership accountability trainer and mentor who helps subject matter professionals access the proper tools and abilities to increase their professional, personal, and athletic lives through his high-performance programs. 

Hartman’s experience with leadership, achieving goals, and playing at the highest levels of competition comes from his 17-year career as a professional hockey player. This career is marked by multiple appearances on Team USA in international competition and being a Stanley Cup winner with the New York Rangers in 1994. 


After retiring from hockey, Hartman sought to use his knowledge and experience to pay forward to the next generation of athletes and leaders, as the mentors in his life had helped guide him towards success. 


He became certified in Axiological profiles, Behaviors & Motivators (DISC), National Academy of Sports Medicine, and is a High-Performance Coach. With these skills added to his knowledge and network Hartman has worked with some of the best of the best in both the business and athletic world. 


Hartman again contributed to Team USA, working with the 2002 Women’s Olympic Hockey team, which would take home a silver medal. He has also worked with Fortune 50 and 500 companies in addition to other professionals and athletes. 


He is the author of " 100 Ways To Become Your Personal Best Blueprint Edition. "

The main focus was "The Little Things and Details" for athletes. Now through the Hartman Academy, he is teaching the lessons of performance, lifestyle, and leadership through his programs. 


You can also find a collection of subject matter professionals through the website. The Hartman Academy can introduce you to the professionals in the performance, leadership, and lifestyle fields that can help you take your game or business to the next level. 


We hope you enjoy the website and the experience. Take some time to read the articles on the website and the bios of the other professionals and see if you can find a fit for your personal, professional, or athletic growth. 

Disclaimer: The subject matter professionals featured on the Hartman Academy website are independent and not paid by or associated with Mike Hartman, The Hartman Academy, or Echonet Media. inc

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