Customer Loyalty 

Deliver Superior Customer Service Every Day

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Why Customer Loyalty

  • Attitude & Enthusiasm

  • Impressive First Impression

  • Improve Customer's Lives

  • Engaged Employees = Engaged Employees

  • Communicate Effectively

  • Instill Trust

  • Serve From The Heart

  • Create Life Long Customers

  • Make Every Visit The Best

  • Connect With People

  • Create An Awesome Experience

  • Increase Customer Life Time Value

  • Build Relationships

  • Create a Happy Environment

You know what happens when you fail to deliver quality customer service.

When you fail to provide amazing customer service, your customers are going to look for someone else who can help them.

And training employees to be nicer is just not enough...

Hartman Academy understands the needs of businesses like yours and we've made it our mission to help businesses achieve customer loyalty by providing world-class training.

Program Content

The program will help employees gain knowledge, healthy habits, increase awareness and have online accountability & support

Work Talent Index Assessment

You are a unique individual and many aspects make up your "personality". The foundation of YOU in your role as an employee is made up of your values of yourself and the world around you.

In the Work Talent Index we look specifically at your understanding and feelings about the world around you (Work World View) and yourself (Self View) as they pertain to your job. Together this will show
YOU insights into WHY you do the things at work, HOW you go about doing them and WHAT you can do when you are fully engaged at your job.

1 Year of Accountability and Support from Mike Hartman 

The Healthy Mindset Challenge includes 1 year of accountability and support from Mike Hartman via the eLearning course.

WOW Customer Service Training Program

A 52 session, online training program to educate and inspire employees to deliver superior customer service every day. After each session, the employee is asked to take a short quiz on the topic and the results are sent to the designated leader as proof of completion. The program is divided into 52 modules (each around 10 minutes) and includes the following titles: Advanced Customer Service Profile & Debriefing Included.

Get a 1 year subscription (6 issues) to our Start Healthy Magazine included with the program for your breakroom, patients, and customers. 

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1 Year Subscription to Start Healthy Magazine

eLearning Course

Our 12-Chapter Interactive Online Curriculum

✔️Basic Physiology

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How does this benefit the company?

Employees who actively work at their customer service improve customer satisfaction, commitment, and engagement.

Better Customer Service ➡️ More Customers

You will have a customer for life if they are delighted with your service.


Program Creators

Mike Hartman, former professional hockey player who has been part of championship teams at all levels of the sport, knows what it takes to be a champion. Mike started The Hartman.Academy to guide athletes and employees on what it takes in all aspects of mental and physical preparation to achieve success.

Some of the greatest coaches in professional hockey history have trained Mike, and have helped shape the leader he has become. Mike's mission for over 17 years, and now through the Hartman.Academy, has been to pay it forward by training athletes, employees, and business owners with all the knowledge he has gained in his career.


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Hartman Academy is on a mission to advocate the philosophy of “Paying-It-Forward” by giving back to the community that has done so much for us. 

10% Of the proceeds of Leadership University supports the work of Mental Health America and their continued efforts to increase mental health awareness. Learn more about MHA at