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Develop a Winning Mindset to Achieve Peak Performance


Mike Hartman is sharing his insights from his 17-year professional career 
Mike is a High Performance Mindset Skills Trainer & Coach. He is certified in Axiological Profiles, Behaviors DISC, Motivators and was certified by the National Academy Of Sports Medicine.

Today's Sports Culture Produces Challenges That Young Athletes Must Face

In an instant-results culture, and being under the microscope that athletes at all levels find themselves under, the mental and emotional, not to mention the physical pressure is enormous. It makes success at times seem almost beyond the reach of a typical athlete.
However, there is hope and a way to overcome this adversity!
How? The Hartman Academy

Program Content

The program will help students gain knowledge, healthy habits, increase awareness and have online accountability & support.

Ready to Play Index Assessment

You are a unique individual and many aspects make up your "personality". The foundation of YOU in your role as an athlete is made up of your values of yourself and the world around you.

In the Ready to Play we look specifically at your understanding and feelings about the world of sports around you (Sports World View) and yourself (Self View) from a sports perspective. Together this will show
YOU insights into WHY you do the things you do as an athlete, HOW you go about doing them and WHAT you can do when you are fully engaged in playing your sport.

Our 12-Chapter Interactive Online Curriculum

✔️Basic Physiology









✔️Weight Training


✔️Danger Zone

eLearning Course

1 Full Year of Accountability and Support from Mike Hartman 

The Healthy Mindset Program includes 1 full year of accountability and support from Mike Hartman via the eLearning course.

Get a 1 year subscription (6 issues) to our Start Healthy Magazine included with the program. 

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1 Year Subscription to Start Healthy Magazine


Leland Maddox, Former MLB Executive

Mike Hartman is one of the best development coaches I have seen in my years of professional sports. His leadership skills are outstanding. I highly recommend Mike for personal development and leadership.

Lou Vairo, Olympic Hockey Coach

I highly recommend Mike Hartman's program to all athletes and professionals. He has been at the highest level and he understands the ups and downs as it relates to people. He played for his country and his leadership skills were very much appreciated!

Chris Draper

I would highly recommend Mike's performance/strategy program to anyone looking to improve both personally and professionally. As a former college hockey player that had to walk away from the game during my time at at Brown University, Mike has helped me tremendously with not only moving on from life after sports, but taking those skills that made me successful and re-applying to life in the business world.

Nancy Miclat

I truly came to know Mike on more than one level. Mike is a truly humble person who enjoys helping people reach their true potential. He has a keen sense of humor when mixed with his ability to persuade are a superb combination. Working with Mike can have a lasting impact on your life.


Do you have an athlete who needs a little extra boost?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of not being able to make progress in your sport?

Feeling that your mindset is holding you back from reaching your full potential?

We have been there. That's why we worked with top performing coaches and athletes on a comprehensive program that gives you the tools, insights, and action steps to create an athlete mindset so that you can enjoy consistent progress in your sport. 

Program Creators

Mike Hartman, former professional hockey player who has been part of championship teams at all levels of the sport, knows what it takes to be a champion. Mike started The Hartman.Academy to guide young athletes on what it takes in all aspects of mental and physical preparation to achieve success.

Some of the greatest coaches in professional hockey history have trained Mike, and have helped shape the leader he has become. Mike's mission for over 17 years, and now through the Hartman.Academy, has been to pay it forward by training athletes, coaches and parents with all the knowledge he has gained in his career.


Cheryl Buckley - MBA, MS, RDN, LDN, CDN
Licensed Registered Dietitian, Food and Nutrition expert dedicated to improving both health and wellness standards within her community
Cheryl was among one of the first 70 employees at Chobani, the number-one selling Greek yogurt brand in America, where she led Health & Wellness, and dedicated over eight years to helping the firm achieve its mission to provide people with better food options and expedite universal wellness.


Hartman Academy is on a mission to advocate the philosophy of “Paying-It-Forward” by giving back to the community that has done so much for us. 

10% Of the proceeds of the Healthy Mindset eLearning Program supports the work of Mental Health America and their continued efforts to increase mental health awareness. Learn more about MHA at