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  • 30 Day Playbook

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You are a unique individual and many aspects make up your “personality”. The foundation of YOU in
your role as an athlete is made up of your values of yourself and the world around you. In the Ready to
Play we look specifically at your understanding and feelings about the world of sports around you (Sports
World View) and yourself (Self View) from a sports perspective. Together this will show YOU insights into
WHY you do the things you do as an athlete, HOW you go about doing them and WHAT you can do
when you are fully engaged in playing your sport.

SPORTS WORLD VIEW: This measures how much you understand and how you feel about the external
world around you from a sports perspective. Do you understand your teammates, coaches and trainers,
and do you tend to over-value these relationships, treat them situationally or manipulate them to get what
you want? Do you know how to get things done as an athlete? Do you understand the value of following
the game plan and rules, and do you rely heavily on it or are you a maverick who does things your own

SELF VIEW: This measures how much you understand and how you feel about yourself. Do you
understand where you have come from, where you are in your role on the team, and where you are
going in your athletic career? How do you feel about your potential to grow and develop, your current role
and your direction toward the future? Are you focused on the past, the present or the future and how
does that affect you today as an athlete?

COMBINED ATTRIBUTES: These attributes are measured by combining your Sports World View and
Self View to get a complete picture of YOU from a sports perspective.

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