10 Things a Leader Should Know About Communication

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Communication no doubt forms the basis upon which every true leader thrives. A leader is bound to fail if he/she is unable to communicate effectively with the people being led. As a leader, here are ten things to know about communication.

1. It shouldn't be corporate always. As a leader, it is important to still have more personal communication with your team than corporate communications.

2. Be clear and unambiguous when communicating with the team. Communication should always be precise and concise. As a leader, it is essential to be very specific and direct when communicating.

3. Communicate in truth. When a leader no longer has the trust of his team, such leader loses reputation as well. So it's important always to communicate the truth to the team as this helps in earning their trust and will make them forgiving when things go wrong.

4. Make sure to contribute than receive. As a leader, it's always important that you don't just receive ideas from the team or issue instructions always. Try making the communication more interactive with you also bringing your thoughts as well. 5. A closed mind is a limiting factor. As a leader, learn to speak with an open mind. In doing this, don't hold back people who have opposing opinions from airing their views.

6. Don't just talk, listen as well. The ability to listen carefully is one of the many qualities that makes great leaders great. To develop, grow and lead as a leader, you have to know when to seal your lips and open your ears.

7. Communicate with empathy. As a leader, don't always communicate with pride like the whole team is about you. Learn to talk with compassion to and about the needs of everyone on the team.

8. Reflect often on communication. As a leader, always revisit discussions you have with your team when you are less busy. This way you are able to sieve that which you said and heard and pick the right and necessary points that come through.

9. Don't just speak to impress, know what you say. One quality of leaders who communicate effectively is their ability to master the field they are talking about. This is because people would always want to listen to the person who knows over the person who doesn't.

10. Understand the team and know what they want. As a leader, regardless of how effective your communication skills are if it is not what your team, it won't count to them.

With these 10 qualities, you are able to enhance communication with your team. Also, you will be able to grow yourself over time into an effective communicator as a leader.

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