10 Things a Leader Should Know About Their team

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Leadership varies from place to place and time to time. With these variations, comes that of the team lead. This is why it is always vital for a leader to know his team. Here are 10 things every leader should know about his team.

1. Shared Goals: It is almost tough for everyone on a team to always be on the same page all the time. This is why as a leader, knowing the shared goals of your team is very important.

2. Shared Values: The value being a determining factor as to what one holds in high esteem is very necessary to teamwork. So for a leader to be an effective one, it is essential to know the team's shared values.

3. The Team's strength: As a leader, recognizing the power of your team is very crucial to understand how to maximize that strength and make use of it at several points in achieving the goals set by the team.

4. The Team's weakness: Every team no doubt has its weakness just like it has its strength. As a good leader, knowing this will help you to understand what area of your team is to be developed over time.

5. What motivates the team: Motivation is key to spurring team spirit. So as a leader, it is imperative to know what motivates your team to work and how well you affect such motivation towards driving the team's goal.

6. Communication level: As a leader, knowing the communication level of your team is very good and aids effective leadership. Leadership is only valid when communication is effective. No team thrives on poor communication anywhere.

7. What your team expects of you as a leader: As a positional leader, your position might spell certain expectations for you, but this doesn't mean your team doesn't have expectations of you as well.

8. The individual personal desires of the team: To strengthen the team as a leader, it is essential to do more than your corporate requirements. An extra effort to know more about the team gives them a high sense of inclusion.

9. The working condition that best suit the team: When as a leader you know what working condition suits the team best, you will not only have them work with ease and passion but more than ever, high productivity will be recorded.

10. What the team thinks about the leader Knowing what your team thinks about you as a leader helps you evaluate yourself and your leadership skills per time. This, in turn, helps you in becoming more rounded.

A good team is not just necessarily one that knows their leader, but also one whose leader know as well. These 10 things are things every leader should know about his team to work with the team effectively.

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