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I am so grateful we have connected and I believe you are about to accomplish something big for yourself! Life experiences, consider them "good" or "bad" but they help design a person's life and make them who they are today.

Please reach out to me via email with all of your questions, comments or queries about how you can start your online business and live the life you LOVE!

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I have checked off many and what I believe is taking every obstacle and making them an opportunity. I love a challenge, rise to the occasion, freak the #*%# out a bit in the middle, but through clarity, mindset, goal-setting, using our assets and a strong vision we can make whatever we put out minds to happen!

I have had a few life experiences, transitions, and overcome many obstacles but also had many accomplishments, which I am very proud of. 

  • Represented my country, Canada for over 15 years in the sport of squash,

  • Reached #1 in Canada and #28 in the world,

  • Played in 5 World Championships and WON GOLD in the Pam Am Champs,

  • I put myself through university as a single mom with two little boys,

  • I have travelled and lived all over the globe.

While I have had a phenomenal life, I have also experienced many bumps and cross-roads; including being laid off and bullied both personally and professionally. Even when I was playing my best and winning championships, I still lived with imposter syndrome. Self-doubt, low self-esteem, poor body image, getting in my own way, negative self-talk you name it, I beat myself up every day and then some! Over the past 30 years I have coached both athletics and in business. Many of my J.O.B.'s were in marketing, sales, management, and coaching, however I had always felt like I had a bigger purpose in life than the one I was living. It wasn't until I hit absolute rock bottom and was bullied in an incredible job which I loved and I said... enough is enough! This was when the "ahh ha" moment happened for me. It was time to make a switch! It was time to take my life in my own hands, commit to change, commit to being nicer to myself and commit to living my life as I wanted to live it. For myself and on my own terms. This is where you have found me now. Living my life, coaching other women to empower their own lives. Through many of the skills I learned as an athlete, which helped ground me when I was most in need, I will work with you. I have developed a 5-step methodology, which will help you clarify any confusion, set goals, take intentional action, reboot your self-care and empower your life! To turn your purpose into profit and start an online business you are TOTALLY in LOVE with!! It starts with ONE decision. One decision not to take crap from anyone again and to know your life has a higher purpose. Let's connect and take the first steps towards your best life! Amanda xx

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