Anaerobic Quiz

What Do You Know About Anaerobic?

1. Exercise requires the body to dip into its stores of fuel, namely:

  • Oxygen and sweat

  • Glycogen and fat

  • Lean mass and water

  • Muscle and nervous system

2. Anaerobic metabolism refers to a series of chemical reactions in the body that:

  • Do not require oxygen

  • Do not require sunlight

  • Do not require water

  • Do not require glycogen

3. High levels of Lactic Acid in the muscle and blood can result in:

  • A more powerful workout

  • Muscular fatigue and soreness

  • Muscular fatigue and soreness

  • Immediate increase in energy and stamina

4. Basketball, Tennis, Football, Volleyball and Alpine Skiing are Anaerobic:

  • True

  • False

5. Anaerobic Glycolysis means:

  • The breakdown of fat without oxygen

  • The breakdown of protein without oxygen

  • The breakdown of sugar without oxygen

  • The breakdown of lean mass without oxygen

The Correct Answers Are :

1. Glycogen and fat

2. Do not require oxygen

3. Muscular fatigue and soreness

4. True

5. The breakdown of sugar without oxygen

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