Founded 1998 in the high mountains of Colorado with the belief that if we are not producing effective results for your organization you should NOT be obligated to have us back. We operate without retainers and long-term contracts.

Our Mission

To produce real results with a shared passion for your success.

Oscar Montenegro Principal

At Aspen Business Group we have developed and use many tools, systems, and programs in which will allow you to execute and achieve your highest priorities.

  • Consulting : We have 23 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients from around the world.

  • Executive Coaching : Aspen Business Group provides a complete leadership-centered coaching program critical to identifying and developing your today’s and future leaders.

  • Customized Training : We create custom training by industry that is tailored to your needs through our unique program development process.

  • Employee Surveys : We provide you clear, comprehensive, actionable survey data. Our experts work with you to turn this survey data into measurable results. With our knowledge of organizational and individual behavior, we help you understand what to measure, how to measure it, and what to do to improve it.

  • Strategic Planning : We will help you and your leadership team develop an integrated strategic plan that builds clarity on the future success of your organization.

  • PDP® Behavioral Surveys : It has been proven that when your strengths are understood and matched with the requirements of a job or workplace, you will be happier and more productive! Of all your corporate assets, employees are the most valuable, tangible and hard to replace. Attracking, growing, and retaining the right talent can be a challenge. Your employees are like the pieces of a puzzle. Successful organizations are the ones in which all the pieces fit.

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