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Updated: Dec 15, 2020


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Champion Mindset Group is the Sport & Performance Psychology Coaching practice of Dr. Jason Novetsky. The "Group" are his clients that have learned the Eye Of The Tiger #BEASTMIND mentality and understand that "being a champion is a mindset, not an event." Dr. Novetsky takes a growth mindset perspective and believes that mental skills and mental toughness can be taught and learned to give athletes of all ages and sports a competitive advantage to win their personal championships. Dr. Novetsky uses researched based sport psychology techniques to coach athletes and teams how to commit to a purpose, set process oriented goals, create a positive identity, be mentally prepared, sustain focus, recover from and overcome adversity so they can compete “in the moment” with confidence.

About Dr. Jason Novetsky

As a Sport & Performance Psychology Coach, Dr. Jason Novetsky subscribes to the notion that talent is over-emphasized and mental toughness is the competitive advantage that creates champions. The skills he teaches prepare athletes and teams to take their game to the next level and beyond. Dr. Novetsky focuses on the importance of: growth mindset, self-image, mindfulness, emotional control, relaxation, imagery, motivation, confidence, setting proper goals, routines and developing a mental workout program to prepare off the field of play and create competition plans to sustain focus and respond to adversity during practice and competition. Dr. Novetsky has a PhD in Education, a Masters in School & Clinical Psychology and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He has worked as a School Psychologist for 25 years, a Sport & Performance Psychology Coach for 8 years, travel and high school baseball coach for 9 years and was an All-Conference Division-1 pitcher at the University of Detroit. Dr. Novetsky is the sport psychology & mental toughness coach for numerous collegiate, high school and club level teams in various sports across Michigan and the United States. Dr. Novetsky coaches’ numerous individual professional, collegiate and youth athletes in his Birmingham, MI office to help them achieve their personal championships.

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