Energy vs Time - The right approach towards work balance life

When our work-life balance gets out of hand, the one productivity hack we often resort to is time management. It’s a common misconception that by properly distributing your hours, you get the most out of your day and don’t fall prey to a stressful lifestyle, but we all know that’s often not the case. While time management can help, another crucial factor that we need to pay more attention to in order to strike a good work-life balance is energy management.

Energy management is a person’s ability to manage their energy for desired activities in the most efficient way. Having energy at your disposal means you can do your task more effectively and in a short time period. With enough energy, you can do your work on time and it does not disturb your personal life, so you maintain a good work-life balance.

We have a fixed amount of time each day, but when it comes to energy levels, things are different. Our energy levels are limited that keep depleting as the day passes. So, knowing how to maintain our energy, how to complete difficult tasks when we have the most energy, and how to replenish it when we need it is the key.

Also known as our capacity to work, our energy is of four types. In each of these four categories, we can renew our energy by following specific techniques that can help us regain our ability to work more effectively. It includes:

Physical: It includes how tired we are. Having short breaks during the day to walk around or do simple exercises can refuel our physical energy.

Mental: It includes our ability to think and focus. Give yourself breaks during the day where you can engage in activities that mentally refresh you such as music, naps, etc.

Emotional: It is our ability to connect with others and feel positive. Taking breaks to seek humor or having fun conversations can help you feel emotionally better.

Spiritual: We get this energy by doing something meaningful. Empathy, kindness, love, etc can help us regain the spiritual energy that in turn gives us more motivation and pushes us forward.

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