Gordon MacFarlane

I assist athletic coaches with their challenge of unlocking and unleashing any athlete's limitless potential. I deliver my training in both personal 1 on 1 and specialized, team training platforms. I help them to recognize and develop untapped qualities and characteristics in their athletes. I have developed a powerful and easy to use, Performance Engagement Model derived from a similar and very successful model I co-developed with an associate and I apply this new model with a 3 Point Emphasis methodology:

1. Communicate (Learn the communication keys to powerful connections that allow you to build trust and establish consistently tight synergy)

2. Build Confidence (Know precisely where you need to focus to consistently instill confidence, which empowers any athlete to the level of focused engagement?)

3. Perform (Understand how to tap into and empower an athlete's full potential and have the unshakable belief to perform with excellence as an individual and as a teammate)

I have invested myself for 40+ years gaining personal and vocational experience in multiple fields, like professional sales and business development, business ownership, human behavior, emotional intelligence along with professional sports/athletics coaching. I have also studied and leveraged the collective best practices of business and athletics, combined with my own experiences to create a performance mindset platform to train from that has proven to be quite successful.

Here are the reasons you can depend on Coach Gord to help you create balance and hit your stride:

REPUTABLE - A respected leader in multiple streams of influence (Athletics, Business and Human Behavior). Multiple sports championship pedigree, multiple, million-dollar round table professional sales awards and business development recognition.

EXPERIENCED - My proudest accomplishment is the large number of long term, athletic coaches and athletic organizations as well as countless, highly reputable, corporate clients who have put their trust in me year, after year, after year.

RESULTS - Building a reputation for getting results takes years. I don’t believe in cutting corners and I prefer to tell it like it is in the nicest way possible. The foundation of my reputation is my commitment to deliver the best results, to the best of my ability, every opportunity I have. I have found that if I help people get what they want, you usually get what you want. If getting results makes you happy, then I'm happy too!

I have been very fortunate to have won 15 ice-hockey championships in my 40 year coaching career. I have also contributed to 10 championships in multiple sports during my 20 year career as a Performance Mindset Coach, helping coaches understand and connect to their athletes better. I can help you also, and look forward to doing just that, get incredible results...!

Visit us : https://www.performancemindsetcoach.com/

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