Top 10 signs that your work life balance is out of balance

In today’s fast-paced work culture, the fine lines between home and office can often get blurred. Prioritizing work life too much and neglecting your personal needs may help you achieve professional goals, but not striking a balance in either of these aspects can also make your life miserable.

So, what are some signs that indicate you don’t have a healthy work-life balance and that you need to re-evaluate the way you are spending your life? Let’s take a look.

⦁ You are experiencing consistent fatigue regardless of your sleep or diet. Extreme tiredness can be your brain’s way of telling you that you’re pushing it over the limit.

⦁ Your patience is wearing thin. You get overwhelmed quite easily and can quickly lose your temper.

⦁ Your working hours are getting longer and longer, and there are no clear boundaries when you have to work and when you have to enjoy your life.

⦁ Your relationships are struggling. It’s been a long time since you spent time out with your friends for the sake of enjoying it. People are often complaining that it’s been a while since you’ve seen them.

⦁ Your food, hygiene, sleep, etc., are getting badly affected because of your workload.

⦁ You’re not taking care of your body. Exercise and relaxation seem to be out of the question and you’ve either packed on some pounds or are losing weight without any reason.

⦁ Your mental health is going downhill. You experience constant anxiety, depression, irritability, and hopelessness, etc.

⦁ It feels as if you are pushing yourself and your work no longer feels meaningful.

⦁ It’s been a long while since you’ve taken out time to do something good for yourself. Life just seems to be focused on work and nothing else.

⦁ You have perfectionist tendencies and are trying to improve something related to your work at almost every waking hour of the day.

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