Weight Training Quiz

What Do You Know About Weight Training?

1. Weight training is important for fat burning:

  • True

  • False

2. The primary fuel source during weight training is:

  • Vitamins and minerals

  • Fat and water

  • ATP and glucose

  • None of the above

3. Muscle, exercised against resistance exceeding that normally encountered is known as:

  • The Theory of Relativity

  • The Overload Principle

  • Psychological Overload

4. For most women, muscular gain is not as great as in men – even though they make the same relative gains in strength:

  • True

  • False

5. All men and women should use the exact same resistance training program:

  • True

  • False

The Correct Answers Are :

1. True

2. ATP and glucose

3. The Overload Principle

4. True

5. False

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