Why bands?

After interviewing Former NFL player and firefighter Todd DeLamielleure and NFL Hall of Famer Joe DeLamielleure of www.hof-solutions.com the question is


Several reasons why bands are a great alternative to weights. Aside from the fact that they are portable and affordable I believe they are great for developing

athletic skill and functional strength.

1. Bands provide variable resistance. The easiest illustration/example of this is comparing a front squat with a band in a rack position to a front squat holding a dumbbell (goblet sq) or a barbell. With the band, the load decreases as the athlete

descends into the squat and increases as they return to a standing position. This allows the athlete to accelerate up from the bottom of the squat safely and deloads them in the most vulnerable part of the squat.

2. Bands provide resistance through multiple vectors and planes of movement. A dumbbell or weight only provides resistance vertically. So with a band Iʼm able to

develop rotational strength and move with resistance through the frontal, sagittal,

and transverse planes. This makes for almost limitless program design and helps

develop functional strength.

3. Bands allow us to more closely mimic sport specific movements. In my opinion, non contact ACL injuries are on the rise bc there is too much focus on weight room strength with traditional lifts (squat, bench, clean, deadlift) and not enough on movement. What happens when Iʼve developed great strength in a vertical plane

but then introduce the shearing force of stopping fast (cutting) laterally in competition? Something has to give and if athletes arenʼt properly trained to handle that load their joints are put in vulnerable positions. Bands allow athletes to move under a horizontal force so they are able to train acceleration and deceleration under resistance doing the movement required in their sport. This help develop force production at “sports angles”. What I mean by that is simply that very rarely in sport or daily activity are we required to apply force to the ground to move directly vertical. Even when we jump usually there is a lateral or forward motion involved. When we accelerate while running or moving laterally we have to apply force in the opposite direction to create any power. Thatʼs where bands are an awesome training tool! I can attached bands to an anchor point to work on starting and stopping, first step acceleration, changing direction and stopping efficiently. I can do tow sprints and other drills to increase force production for movement.

The simplest way Iʼve heard athletic performance enhancement explained is this: Technique + speed = Power Bands allow me to increase speed while working on sport specific technique. The result is an increase in power and better performance.

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