Become a Better Leader 


Why Hartman.Academy 

  • Leading by Example

  • Building a Learning Culture

  • Listening Mastery

  • Empowering People

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Instilling Trust

  • Leading with Influence

  • Building Relationships

  • Delegating Responsibility

  • Mental Fitness

  • Adapt or Fail

  • Becoming a Coaching Leader

  • Creating a Happy Environment

  • Thinking Creatively

  • Visionary Leadership

  • Facilitating Team Success

  • Working Efficiently

  • Taking Action Strategically

  • Achieving Maximum Results

  • Cultivating Individual Talents

  • Integrity-Based Leadership

  • Commitment to a Cause

  • Leading from the Heart

  • Manage Yourself, Lead Others

  • Recognize Reward & Celebrate

  • Developing Problem Solver

Poor Leadership Will Have Your Team Going Sideways

Poor leadership diminishes team morale and makes people feel less of a commitment to the organization and its mission.

No wonder there has been extensive research that "people do not leave their company or team, they leave their managers or coaches."

We use strategies that teach you the mental side of performance. Our purpose is for you and your company to develop unstoppable confidence and develop into a champion leader.



Mike Montemurro

President Atlantic Pinstriping & Vehicle Wraps


"Mike's, company has provided online and offline services to our business over the years. He has created a tremendous amount of value for the services he provided to our company. Some of his attributes are he is extremely attentive, focused, caring, driven and provides a great customer service. We will continue to utilize his services."

Todd E. Shatkin

DDS Founder


"Mike started consulting with our company over thirteen years ago. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done both personally and professionally for our company. We also had Mike as our keynote speaker at several of our Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. Mini Dental Implant Training Courses around the country. I highly recommend Mike’s consulting business to any company that wants to take their business to a new level."

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How Does The Membership Program Work?

Follow The Very Simple 3 Step Process!

Step 1

✔️ Take The Advanced Leadership Assessment for business.

✔️ The Advanced Work Talents Assessment for business.

✔️ The Advanced Ready To Play Assessment for athletes.

✔️ Receive your assessment results in minutes.

✔️ You will also receive an Audio MP3 Debriefing of your assessment in 1-5 business days.


Step 2

Start the 6 Week eLearning Training for Leadership Via Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora & Apple Podcast.


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Step 3

90 Days of Ongoing Accountability & Coaching Through Hartman.Academy App.

✅ Branded with your company or team logo

✅ Team & Company Pricing

✅ Accessible on smartphones, tablets & laptops

✅ Company customized portal for private login

Program Creators

Founded by Mike Hartman 

A high performance coach and corporate eLearning trainer, guest speaker and former professional athlete, who not only overcame the odds and fought his way through many hardships, didn’t just make it to the NHL, he has been a part of championship teams at every level in his 17-year professional career.

He now works with athletes and business professionals to help them become a champion of their own life.
He is certified in Axiological Profiles, Behaviors DISC, Motivators and was certified by the National Academy Of Sports Medicine.



Licensed Registered Dietitian, Food and Nutrition expert dedicated to improving both health and wellness standards within her community.
Cheryl was among one of the first 70 employees at Chobani, the number-one selling Greek yogurt brand in America, where she led Health & Wellness, and dedicated over eight years to helping the firm achieve its mission to provide people with better food options and expedite universal wellness.

Cheryl Buckley