Founded by Mike Hartman

 Mike is performance mindset coach, eLearning trainer, guest speaker & former professional athlete.

 He overcame the odds and fought his way through many hardships and didn’t just make it to the NHL, he has been a part of championship teams at every level in his 17-year professional career.

He now works with individuals, athletes and business professionals to help them become a champion of their own life. 

Mike has also worked with several different groups from small to midsize companies, Fortune 500 companies, weekend warriors, major league athletes & The USA Women’s Olympic Hockey Team.
Mike also takes his approach into businesses and trains employees how to have a champion mindset!
He is certified in Axiological Profiles, Behaviors DISC, Motivators and was certified by the National Academy Of Sports Medicine.

Performance Mindset Coaching 

The purpose and objective is to help people improve their lives so they can achieve their dreams and goals!

1 To 1 Coaching

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Chris Draper


"I Would Highly Recommend Mike's Performance/Strategy Program To Anyone Looking To Improve Both Personally And Professionally. As A Former College Hockey Player That Had To Walk Away From The Game During My Time At Brown University, Mike Has Helped Me Tremendously With Not Only Moving On From Life After Sports, But Taking Those Skills That Made Me Successful And Re-Applying To Life In The Business World. Whether It Be Breaking Down Measurable Daily/Weekly Goals, Mental Prep, Or Just Having A Sound Voice Of Reason That Can Speak On A Wealth Of Experience, Mike Helps Bring The Best Out Of You And Is A Tremendous Mentor. Thank You, Mike - You've Really Helped Change My Life For The Better!!"

Lisa C


"I recently hired Mike Hartman as a coach and it was the best decision I have ever made”. He has really helped me personally in so many ways.