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Choose any of the Profiles below and take in conjunction with our 12-Chapter, intercative, online eLearning accountability course. This program will help lead you to understand Basic Physiology, Digestion, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Aerobic, Anaerobic Activity, Vitamins, Minerals, Weight Training, Stress and Healthy Foods so you can develop the knowledge to make good choices and decisions so you can be your personal and professional best in your life, work-life or sport!

  The Profiles has 7 different key drivers that most influence an leaders choices, decisions and actions in a sports or business setting.

There are 11 factors that demonstrate how they personally value their life. 


All 10 Profile Include

The 3 Steps Below!

    1.  Take Your Personalized Profile  

   2. Audio MP3 Debriefing After Profile Is Complte

   3. Online Accountability & eLearning Lifestyle 

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