Total Wellness
Profile & Program

Our 12-Chapter, interactive, online curriculum that explains basic physiology  and the important balance between nutrition and physical activity in lay terms.  The program will help students gain knowledge, healthy habits, increase awareness and have online mentorship.

100% Automated

1. Basic Physiology
2. Digestion
3. Carbohydrate
4. Protein
5. Fat
6. Aerobic Activity ​
   7. Anaerobic Activity
   8. Vitamins
   9. Minerals
 10. Weight Training
 11. Stress
 12. Food​

Total Wellness

The Total Wellness individual report will go into detail about the seven dimensions of health and wellness.       -  -   > Mindset

 > Body

 > Balance

 > Environment

 > Relationships

 > Emotions

 > Overall Stress

After you take the profile we will lead you through our online platform or eLearning Course Program.

In order to advance to the next chapter, the student must achieve a score of 80% or higher. 

Certificate upon completion.