10 things leaders do to get Ready to Play

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

You have probably heard the proverb that says, “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together.” Most often, the greatness of a team depends on the effectiveness of the leader. He/she makes a good team through his/her leadership qualities, productive collaboration, and having players who understand each other and produce good results together.

Every team needs a leader who sets the tone and standards that ultimately lead to great results. Though skill works play a crucial part, a leader still needs to be more proactive and have traits and characteristics to steer the team to greatness.

If you want to excel in sports and wondering what great leaders do to get ready to play, we have listed a few must-have skills. To take on the mantle at your club, Make sure to follow all these.

Effective Communication

Effective communication has a lot to do not only in sports but in almost every field of life. Great leaders work for their fellow teammates as inspiration. Their talks and speeches motivate players and give them a sense of unity.

Good communication is not only a vital area in sports but also the foundational element for successful leadership. If players are unknown to what you are trying to communicate, they won’t follow up on the given instruction. To effectively convey the team goal and message, leaders need to nail it down.


As a leader, self-awareness is vital. Awareness is the thing, which increases a leader’s credibility. By becoming more self-aware and recognizing the strength, weaknesses, and hidden biases, sports leaders can build a good relationship with a teammate and gain the trust of peers and players.

Leaders have a strong understanding of themselves, and they know what motivates them as a person. They are also aware of their emotion and behavior and how they can impact the team and other players. At the same time, they use their strength and weakness to optimize leadership impact for the betterment of the team and players.

Strategic development and organization skills

In the game, the team has to be responsive to change. Strategic thinking is the must-have skills that good leaders possess. All the other things including self-awareness and communication, become useless when there is no strategy or organization behind it.

To get the best possible outcome, leaders always need to think out of the box. They have to come up with a game plan and strategy to outclass the opposition. In short, to get the work done effectively and efficiently, great leaders lead from the front by organizing players, developing strategies, and implementing those to their best.

Listening skills (listen actively)

Listening-actively can convey a strong message. When a leader listens carefully to other players and gives his/her full attention to the words and actions of those around them, they actually showcase the high esteem they hold.

Being an effective leader involves being there for your team and listening to their thoughts and concerns carefully. Great leaders set a dulcet tone that gives the players a sense of comfort and opportunity to think and talk. Having good listening skills can help the leader in acquiring an accurate understanding of their surroundings, and they can better prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges.

Creates a fun environment

Everyone automatically starts performing better when they can relax and have a fun environment around. To give players comfort and an environment where they can propel, make sure not to over pressurize them. Be humble and friendly, and if they have any questions or advice, make sure you are accessible and available to answer.

Fun is the element that can help players to make it through a difficult task with ease. If you want to become an effective leader and unleash greatness in your team, make sure to create a fun environment as it can have a positive and dramatic positive effect on the team performance, resulting in more wins.

Decision making

Decision making is a critical part of the sport because the decision-making process often occurs within a millisecond. Great sports leaders are experts when it comes to making a decision at a crucial moment, no matter whether it’s a minor decision or a major strategic initiative, they don’t hesitate or waffle, but they communicate their decision quickly. Also, they appear to make better decisions consistently, particularly in situations that are highly temporally constrained.

Have Vision

Successful leaders have a clear vision. They know their talent pool and how to allocate and deploy talent properly. By keeping a clear-vision in front of your players enables your team to achieve goals quicker and produce better results.

By doing so will not only motivate them and show them a clear path, but they will also be more productive since their work stayed connected to the strategic goal you shared.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is among the best skills a strong leader can cultivate. It enables the leader to understand the impact of their decision on the game. And either these are aligned with the goals they have set or not.

It is also considered necessary for success in professional sport. Having critical thinking can set you apart from other leaders and enhance your decision-making skill. Therefore, for a leader, critical-thinking should be the top priority.

Motivational Skills

Consistently praise them and always appreciate their good-work. If you want to be a great leader, you must be aware of the capability of players and have a sense of what they can become. To get the best out of players, acknowledge their hard work, and praise them consistently. When players feel like their good work is getting praise, they are more likely to keep it up.

Even if your team is not doing well, you still need to cheer the players up and keep

their morale high, don’t let them down, or else performances will suffer more.

Remain focused

The better you can focus on your goals and things to do, the better you can perform. If your focus is not there, you will end up not getting the results you are longing for. To get the best outcome, focusing and defining your goals become vital. Therefore, good leaders always stay focused on their goals, and they know the path to use to achieve these goals.

To be a good leader, set your objectives and goals and keep them in your mind, memorize them every day, and this can be critical to your success.

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