Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Have you ever been or found yourself in a leadership situation or position before but had no idea how to really do the leading? Well, that has happened to most of us before. Leadership is no child's play. As much as everyone wishes to have a leadership post someday, leadership actually goes beyond occupying positions or bearing titles. Much more than that, leadership is a mindset, the ability to take charge, take responsibility and do it right now. At times, leadership might mean that you have to lead a team, but at other times, it could merely mean exercising influence in whatever little way that you can. While personal traits like the ability to assign tasks or manage resources are vital, the rest of this article will be showing you ten essential things you need to know about leadership.

1. Leadership is about people One thing about leadership is that the concept centers on people. There cannot be leaders without followers. Hence, a leader has to recognize the importance of this and so make himself a "people person." A good leader knows that relationship is vital. Thus, he does his best to ensure that the relationship between himself and his followers is strong.

2. Communication A leader is a good communicator. Communication does not only entail talking but listening as well. A leader is like a fortress where people can come expecting to be listened to. A leader is an effective communicator of the values, goals, and tenets of the team as a whole.

3. Establish Trust No one follows a man if they cannot trust him. Trust is established through actions. Sometimes, you as a leader may have to make some good decisions and even go ahead to execute them effectively. This will cause members to develop confidence in the leader's leadership. Also, a leader shows that he is trustworthy when he is accountable and transparent.

4. Create a common goal The best way to get people to make things work is to give them a common goal. It is the leader's job to ensure that all members under his leadership nurture the same vision. This helps to create the bond needed for everyone to work together. It also helps the leader to know the potentials of each member.

5. Be an example Leadership can only be useful when the leader himself leads, not only by words but also by example. A leader must be an embodiment of whatever values or traits that he demands to see from his followers. A leader is a teacher, and an excellent way to teach is to show examples.

6. Encourage and reward When a person does something exceptional, it is only healthy to compliment such a person and possibly reward him. A good leader recognizes that rewards spur people to do even better.

Therefore, anytime a person does something worth celebrating, a leader should go ahead and give him all the kudos he deserves. It will not only motivate the receiver but the rest of the team as well.

7. Be open to new ideas and change It is a famous saying that change is the only thing that is constant. A leader is cognizant of the fact that change is natural in life. Thus he is every ready for it. Rather than be discouraged by it, a good leader sharpens his perceptivity and looks out for opportunities.

8. Passion and discipline A man drove by passion rarely fails. It is the force that keeps him going when the going gets tough. A leader is like the anchor of the whole team. He should both be passionate and disciplined because if he lacks passion, the vision of the team will suffer.

9. Personal health Though it is true that a leader should be hardworking and tough even in times of crisis, it is expedient that the leader does not work excessively hard at the expense of his well-being. Yet for leaders, rest is essential, and so it shouldn't be neglected.

10. Dignity A leader is a person of dignity. He inculcates the values of his team as his own. A leader avoids situations that would cause his pride to be questioned. He realizes that he is being looked up to by his members, and thus, does everything to not fall short.

Leadership is a journey ventured on by the brave hearted. As tasking as it can be for some people, it is where fulfillment lies. A leader may not know it all, but even so, he is determined to bring people to their destination.

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