10 Ways to Follow, Lead or get out of the way

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

1. It may seem odd, but some of your best leaders are some of your best followers. Think about it for a minute? There was probably a time when the leader was a follower and in most cases they should have developed traits of having to pay attention to details and now they are a leader.

2. When you are a leader you are developing people by leading by example. When you lead by example people you are leading will follow you and they can never approach you or question you because of the way you carried yourself.

3. At times, getting your hands dirty will show the team or group that you are leading with the passion to do whatever needs to be done to reach the team or group goals to success.

4. Don’t ever forget that when you were once a follower. In most cases you had someone leading you to take direction. Put your ego aside, step back and as the leader help the person you are leading by being clear and put yourself in a position to help them make good choices.

5. As a follower take the time and energy to listen! Listen and pay attention to details so you will do it correctly the first time.

6. The leader needs to be aware of their surroundings and be engaged with his team or group. Show that you really do care.

7. A good leader always wants to learn how to get better themselves. Remember to be fully present when the follower is engaging with you and be open to learning from them.

8. Followers are always watching what the leader is doing, so don’t put yourself in a bad situation and make poor choices.

9. The follower is looking for the leaders approval and they are seeking for your validation. There is nothing wrong with rewarding the teammate or group with kind words of sincerity and appreciation.

10. The Leader is not the bad one who shouts out demands and shows no respect for the follower. The leader has to be properly aligned with the followers to achieve the team or group goals.

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